It took more than three months to fix the “wall of dreams” but we fixed it today. This is a wall in our bedroom made to condition our dreams. The idea is to pickup the paintings we want to see for the moment and to enjoy them (opposed to: having too much painting hanging and not seeing them anymore).


For tonight, we have from above left:

– a tiny tiny painting with 2 horse heads. I had this one when I was a little girl in my bedroom and I just found it again today.
– a water painting if a wood, pretty similar from the woods from when I grew up. I got it as a bday gift when u turned 18
– a postcard I received from M: we just talked about it today, that I couldn’t remember that he ever wrote me a postcard and as a matter of fact, the card felt out from a book today, so M put the card on the wall
– der wanderer über dem nebelmeer, from Casper Friedrisch, a man looking at his choices about the future.
– a Xmas gift from my parents, oil painting but I don’t know from who. Abstract, makes think.
On the lowest row:
– a picture my sister made, a little piece of wood being in the middle of a big puddle. Like you, tiny human being in the middle I the dark universe
– some music instrument, M owns this one
– a carbon drawing of the castle that I was raised close to, a place I like to visit and think.

Sweet dreams!

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