The spring is beautiful

I never want it to stop! Spring it has to be the whole year! It happens so much things in the nature, every bird is singing all the time and this will be over in a few weeks, replace by hot weather and siesta. I wish… Still living in Sweden so these two things are not on our program.

Yesterday, we wrong downtown like millions of other people and gave our money away. Sunglasses for me and I am not even sure that M bought something more than coffee. He is so reasonable…

I wanted to look at some trail running shoes and went in a shop where I felt that people there were not really willing to help me. So I tried the shoes I looked for and let them be in the shop for their 1500kr. Back at home, I ordered them on a website in uk for 900kr with the shipping costs. I don’t like to “use” shops like that but they were so unpleasant that I wouldn’t have bought anything there anyway.

So now, I am waiting for my new shoes. I took a little run this morning (I am a little sick, so it was just to taste the nature) and it was wonderful. Really, I fall in love every time.


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