Don’t dream. It snowed not later than sunday and even if the sun was here today, I am waiting more winter somehow. We had so little snow this winter that I cannot believe that it is gone now.

Today, I made one thing I haven’t done in years: I plaid floorball with some colleagues from work. I am still coughing a lot, but since they were only 3, I decided to play with them and it was, hum, let me think: hard. Yes, hard is the right word to describe the feelings and emotions that went through my body during this hour. With a boll received on my leg, I can now show a blue trophy to who wants to see. Sign of a living woman it is!

For the rest, M is in Ljungby, I am at home fixing and waiting for some friends to come to visit us tomorrow and for some days. No seen since 2008, we have a lot to tell each other!

And you get a picture of the sun, viewed from our appartment when I went home tonight:

2014-03-04 - 1

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