After we were done with the cleaning, the breakfast, the shower, the carrying-the-garbages-out and so on, I wanted to make soething sweet for the both of us, since we are sick since more than a week.

I took this book, that I received when I turned 30 but never used yet and saw this nice receipe of a raspberry pie and I just made it.



If you ask me, I would tell you that it looks very close to the result! And it tastes M I A M! It’s a pate sablée, a crème patissière and 400gr raspberries on the top. We ate of it warm yesterday evening and cold this morning for the breakfast, both are working well! It is a bit tricky to make the crème patissière, but this pie is wonderfull!

We are still coughing both of us, so I did not invite anyone to share this pie with us, but next time, yes!

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