Improve your well being – Part II

We have now been in vacation during 2 weeks and I would say that only one was enough to turn my sleeping pattern upside down. Since friday night, I have been unable to fall asleep before 2 or 3 in the morning. It is no big deal when I don’t need to get up the day after, but the first day of work of 2014 is approaching (next monday) and I can see myself sleeping until 12 oclock or being very tired during the day…

Well. M went to Ljungby yesterday evening, so I took a radical decision: nor smartphone neither tablet around my bed from now and for ever. If I remember well, I got this smartphone 2 years ago, meaning that I have been falling asleep without in like 30 years. It should be possible to make it back, right? It was hard yesterday and the Swedish radio went to bed before me, but I finished to read one book and I have faith in the future: it will also work tonight! I got up at 6h30 this morning, so I am very tired tonight. This is good. My plan is to read some other unread books I have begun someday and at 21 or 22, pouf, night!

It seems like a trivial thing to do, and maybe most of you, “older” readers, may think I am acting like a teenager, but you know, this is so nice to lay in your bed and read a lots of uninteresting things instead of sleeping, or getting up and so. What I had forgotten was how much easier it is for me o get up when I am awake but I have nothing to look at. The rule is that I may use the tablet during my breakfast to read the news, and I can eat a slowly breakfast, but the most important thing is to get up.

I have been studying the whole day and my brain is almost purée. I am getting a bit nervous for this exam coming in 2 weeks but I have to make all what is in my power in order to succeed. No way that I rewrite this later this spring or so!

OK, time to shower and read! Have a nice evening!IMG_67522 - Kopia


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