How to improve your well being

In the line of my little project “no regrets”, I would like to share one tips with you. This is absolutely nothing special but it makes most of the time my day. I like good food. Period. And I hate to private myself. Then I also know that I cannot weight 2 tons to feel good either but if I eat what I like in normal size parts and try to move my ass regularly, the positive aspects of the good food win over the bad consciouness I could have because I ate too much too good. This is maybe not working for everyone but here it is.

Last thursday, I had studied the whole day, was totally tired and unmotivated to cook somehting advanced, so I passed by a cheese shop we have in Liköping and bought these:



It costed maybe 150 SEK and we just ate 2/3 of it this evening. Three cheese, that you smelt in a pot with a littlegarlic and a little dry white wine (a bottle for 66 SEK) and you obtain a wonderful fondue au fromage. It takes 15 min max to cook and then, you are happy until breakfast the day after.



The picture above was not the best in the world, but you can see that it was totally human to make. The only thing: when you don’t have a special pot for fondue (as we), then you have under the dinner to get up and put the cheese on the warmth again, in order to make it easier to eat.

An important thing as well is the bread you eat with. The best is to have a one day old bread, a little dried already, it keeps itself better on the fork.

Anyway: make your stomach happy from times to times and you won’t regret that you only ate bad things or went on diet your whole life.

Tout abus d’alcool ou de calories est dangereux pour la santé. À consommer avec modération.

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