The first day of the beginning of the end

Saturday 21st of december.

Here I am, sitting on my soffa and being troubled. I had a plan for how the day would be when I put myself in bed last night. And guess what? It did not turn out at all as I wanted. Some explanations: we had our yearly xmas party at work on thursday evening and lets face it: I am not 20 anymore. Yesterday was a hard day. I thought though that everything would be alright after a good night of sleep. I had it, it was wonderful, but I just couldn’t get up this morning when I heard the rain against the window. What is it for a thing: rain in Sweden for Xmas? hum.

Today is also the shortest day of the year and the grey clouds don’t help to put some luminosity inside here. I did clean though, and pack our things. M is already at the place we will celebrate Xmas and I am slowly noticing that I will have to go back and forth several times to fill the car with all what we wanted to take down. Well.

I am still very tired as well. Should it be like that for me at every xmas? That I feel totally unmotivated for this? Ah well, I just got to do what a woman gots to do.

Have a nice week end, I will try to write a little every day on here. No pic for the moment, I havn’t anything good for the moment. Btw, I will try to shot more during the holliday. Maybe you will have something new to watch.

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