2 days left

This was a strange day today or me. I had to fight a lot against myself to stay polite and patient and I did not manage it completely. I feel a little bit ashamed because I am not succeeding in being a normal and nice human being towards my colleages and lovely boyfriend. I am feeling very tired physically and I think I need vacations with a big V and big sleep too and I am loosing all my self control nowadays, for stupid things.

M went away to Ljungby tonight and I did study. I am almost done with all the exercices I have to send but I have to re-read everything I have been reading since the beginning of september and this is A L O T, believe me! I need to make a plan for the coming weeks and stick to it. A plan for the running and a plan for the studying. The rest may be as free as possible.

Even if I will miss my french familly this Xmas, I am quite happy to avoid to travel far during these crazy days. This is never a good period to travel and we are saving it for better occasions and cheaper ones as well. Xmas is expensive as hell when you want to go to the Alps I can tell you.

The picture of today is the following: the view from my bed at my parents place some years ago, when they stil had these charming windows, but oh so cold. It was freezing in the inside, but the sun gets up in this direction, so even if it feels like minus 20 outside of the bed, the view and feelings are beautiful from there. Minus 20, this is approximatively the temperature here in our flat tonight, I can’t wait to sleep with M again! Soon!


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