I forgot to report!

This is how my plan went for the past week:

Sunday – 8km around the river, slow and nice. not check. bad.

Monday – a short morning/evening jogg, 4km. check! It was all snowy btw sometimes a little difficult to run out the snow

Tuesday – no time for running, away with the work. check!

Wednesday –  Maybe yoga in the morning. check! I was making this in my hotel room under 30 minutes and did not feel anything special at this time. 2 days after, I got big pains in the arms and shoulders from having made the cobra style or something, so this is working somehow.

Thursday – rest or an intervallpass if I am feeling ok, not too tired. IT was 4,2km as a morningjogg, with a pretty quick tempo, so I felt really happy when I arrived home.

Friday –  bubbels and rest check!

Saturday – 12 km around the city, slow. This is postpone to tomorrow sunday.

My program for the coming week is following:

Sunday – 12 km around the city, slow

Monday –  Yoga in the morning

Tuesday – 4km morgonjogging

Wednesday –  Yoga in the morning

Thursday – 4km morgonjogging

Friday –  rest and studying

Saturday – I am not really sure about how the end of the week will be programmed yet. My ambition is to run a long pass but I am not sure to succeed to make it right there. We will see!

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