Xmas is out of our door

Oh, so much days without havind written anything on here. This is only the sign that I have been pretty busy with a lots of things, mostly at work, with travel here and there and pretty much to do. I can summerize it down there with the result of the week, in comparison to how I wanted it to be:

Sunday – 7 slow kilometers with low pulse. Not done. Studying instead and too lazy to take me out for a run at all.

Monday – home work out with exercices for the legs, back, stomach and bowl On monday, I made the tusday plan. It went well, I felt strong! I had 13,5km/h as velocity and managed to make it last the whole session, Proud of me!

Tuesday – 6,2 km at the gym after work, intervall kind of 2km warming up, then 200m + 400m + 600m + 800m + 600m + 400m + 200m with 60sec pause inbetween and 1km cool down I made this the day before as I wrote and I was lazy on tuesday instead.

Wednesday – maybe 4km with a colleague from work. This is pretty unsure, it depends on our program for the day. Nothing but a sleepingmorning this day and no free minute in our schedule to make a rum wiht my colleague. Almost not my fault!

Thursday – home work out or 4km depending of the day before Totally lazy day since I was deadtired.

Friday – well needed restand bubble friday! Check!

Saturday – 11km with low pulse in town after a sleeping morning. Check! I felt so good actually! I took it easy and felt that my legs were strong the whole way. I even made a sprint at the end. It does make a difference that I lost 3 kg since augusti. I don’t feel like Dumbo anymore when I am running, but like a normal woman. I even noticed that my heart beats slower as well and comes back faster to a slow condition after an effort. The intervall training may pay now!


And the plan for the coming week will be like that:

Sunday – maybe some squash with M if a lane is free to book, else, rest.

Monday – the super 10K intervall. 2 km varming up and then 3 times 200m+400m+1000m with no break between the different distances and 3 minutes pause between each set. The first 200m will be ran quick, the 400m a little slower and the last 1000m a little more slower. The goal is to get used to run quick with lactic acide in the muscles. Actually, this interval has to be a 200+600+1600 but I feel a little afraid of getting to hard on it for the first time I am running them.

Tuesday – away with work, no running except maybe between a delaied train and a boat.

Wednesday –  Back from meeting from work, so no time this day either for some running. I would like to make 15 minutes strength exercices in my hotell room though.

Thursday – a short morning jogg, 4km. It should work if I am not totally dead on the morning. If I am, I have to make it in the evening instead. I am a nice jogg in town that makes it safe to run, even in the evening.

Friday –  bubbels and rest

Saturday – 13-14 km around the city. I need to find a new route since I am getting a little bored with the one I use to run nowadays to make it longer. I have a whole week to think of that!

For the rest, Xmas took a little place in our home and even if I don’t like Xmas, this is nice to drink Glögg. Period.

julstämning1 - Kopia julstämning2 - Kopia röttljus - Kopia


or now, our meal is ready, so have a nice saturday evening and sunday!

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