19 years ago

Good morning people!

The clock just ticked 7. I had a good breakfast, reading the news and eating real baguette. Miam! I am feeling every muscle on my legs after the try of interval training yesterday. It was a misch masch of trying to hold on and trying to run at an acceptable velocity. Not easy, but for my defense, I have to say that the day was full of things yesterday. I almost did not had one minute to myself and I wonder how people with 5 kids do to make their everyday lifes work.

19 years ago, I was the happiest 12-years old girl on earth. An adorable horse made the entry in our familly and she was my best friend ever. Well, adorable, she wasn’t it all the time. Not for exampel when it was raining cats and dogs and she did not want to be caught, but for the rest, she was the best teacher I had in life I think. Oh, how I miss her!


For the rest, I am not travelling this week and this feels so good. Very confortable not to have to spend a lot of time in a train or so, to work a lot, but from Linköping and to be at a reasonable time at home. Next week will not have the same feeling, since I will be away 3 days. Hotels I sleep in are nice, but this is absolutely nothing like home. I often wake up without knowing where I am and this is a disturbing fact. I am getting too old to keep my head fit 24 hours in the day.

OK it seems that I don’t have that much more to tell for the moment and the clock is running.I need to brush my teeth and go to work. Have a good day readers!

PS: tell me if you want me to talkabout something specific by the way.

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