Serious day

My day began this morning quite strange: I had forgotten to put my alarm clock and woke up by myself, asking myself where I was. This feels so empty when M is not here, even if I had my big plaid on. When I realized what happened, I just ran out my bed, ate breakfast (on the way to the kitchen, I thought and lucky me, I had plenty of time to the first meeting!). I walked to work and listened to laugh-french-radio on the way. Several times, I laughed out loud, like LOL, and people aroudn on the street where like “is she craxzy?!”.

The day at work was pretty intense, I made a lot but my brain was totally empty at the end of the day. Pretty accurate to go to the gym and run intervalls. I took 10 times 200m at 14km/h. For me, it is light velocity. I made then a 400m at 13km/h, and pretty happy with myself, I went home, with a smile on the lips. Think: I left home with laughs and came home with smile on the lips, even if I gave more than myself during the day. I may have a pretty good energy and happiness production in my body!

Then I have been pretty serious and read for my study the whole evening. Yeah for me. I am now doing a little break and soon, going to bed. The day tomorrow may be activ as well, let’s see if I miss my alarm clock!

For your eyes: an old pic:

IMG_5511 - Kopia

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