The smile of the day

I like my morning rituals. It begins with a breakfast, alone, with the radio or a good CD playing in the bakground. I like to sing with or to laugh at the radio programs. I like to put myself in nice clothes and make me looking good (well, as good as I can!).

Then, I like to kiss M good bye while he stil is lying in bed and half sleeping. I like to see him smile when I kiss him. It lets me think that he really likes me, because he is not really aware of what he is doing and how his face is reacting when I kiss him. I like to think that he is dreaming of me. The funniest is that I like to know that whatever I tell him then, he won’t remember it. This is too early, he is not awake. The less he is awake, the more I like to tell him lovely things. I like to think that he is dreaming of it then and that it gives him a good start for the day.

I also like to walk or take a bicycle ride to work. If I am walking to work, I like to listen to a good documentary on the radio, I have some favorit programs and the time I need to walk to work is perfect: just enough to get some interesting thoughts. I also like to look at the other people around me, also going to work probably. I like to imagine what they are thinking of, if it’s of their working day, of their kids that were not ready on time for school, of their husbands or wifes that will travel somewhere, of their parents that maybe need some help with a computer or something. This is really rare to meet someone who has a smile on her/his lips though. I really hope that they do have nice things in the head!

I like to come at work early. I like to switch on the lights, to start my computer, to see my schedule ready for the rest of the day and the week, I like to feel prepared and I know I am it, because I always do it the evening before. The first hours of the day are the best: the phone is silent, I can manage my time exactly as I want, before that others come to work and begin to want me to work for them. I like to feel ready and full of energy. I almost never go up with the stairs, I alsways use the elevator, because I like me to think that the energy I saved for this transportation will be the little bonus at work for the day.

I like to wish my colleagues a good start in the day, and the other people I meet as well. Everyone deserves a vitamin-word in the morning, even the most tired ones. It is not rare that I meet people in the hallway, the elevator or the hall of the office. They may be from other companies, but I like to wish them a good day as well. This is a part of my morning ritual: so long as I am in a good mood, I need to spreed it before it’s too late.

This morning, I met a lady in the hall at the office. She may already have been upstairs because she was walking down the stairs with some material under the arm. As I use to do, I said a nice Hello and gave her a smile. I got an angry and black look back. This lady probably already had use her transportations vitamines, since she was in such a bad mood. This conforted my theory for the elevator and I tried to wish her a good day, but the only thing I received back was the cold wind from the street while she was shutting down the outer door with force and anger. Ah, whatever, maybe the wind will send my good-day-wishes to someone who deserves it more!

I wonder if I will meet her tomorrow. I will try it again if so!

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