A week with rain and darkness

It felt such as winter this morning when I are breakfast. It was all dark and the rain made earth a liquid plaid. I’ve been working an hour now and I needed a little break. That’s why I write plus that I wanted to talk about a person. Juliette Binoche.
I heard her on a Swedish talkshow this weekend and she showed how determined, smooth and clever a woman can be. I wish I was like her! The host was trying to put her in a I’m-beautiful-corner but she replied all the time with her brain and made me proud to be French like her. You may think that it has nothing to do with the nationality, which is right. It has more to do with the roots and the tradition of defending ones point of view, to be educated to make it properly and to be classy at the same time. I’m far from the last one personally but she is there. My hat off for you Juliette!


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