The day began at 6 for me. I forgot to switch off my alarmclock which is lighting the room progressively until the time my normal alarmclock will ring. It was nice though to know that I had an hour left form my night.

At 7, I went up, I ate breakfast and I noticed that it was all frozen outside. The biggest question at this moment was: How will I dress myself? Some time later, I met my friend H for the weekly 10K run in the woods and after 500m, I was not freezing anymore. We ran it almost two minutes faster than last week (1h6min34s instead of 1h7min46s). My avarage pulse was lower (172bmp instead of 177bmp) and the max pulse for the run as well (192bmp instead of 196bmp). I don’t knwo why, but this is motivating to notice it. The air was much more heavy to breathe today though, really wet and we saw 2 hunters, so the big question was if it was safe to run in the woods this morning. We came safe back home anyway!

Then, a lady came and picked up one bed and a big furniture we wanted to get rid off for the move in 97 days. We rearranged our current living room a little and this is now looking very fine. You may have a picture later.

The program of the day is very simple: read for this course and cooking a nice dinner for tonight. We will certainly watch a lots of Breaking bad as well but this season is much more slower than the previous one, so it is not as funny unfortunatly.

OK, time to read a litle! Have fun this week end and enjoy fall!

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