Changes are the best to make one think!

Citation from me. Ok, not very high level, but I need to explain you some changes. Also, a short story in a big post.

I have beein blogging since august 2005 and it results in a little more than 1700 post. Not all of them are interesting and to be honest, I am not sure that 10% is valuable for anyone else than me. It’s a lots of memory and a lots of pictures that I saved through the years and despite computers crasches. I have a strict policy of privacy on here though, so you will never see a name or a people around me in picture, I choose to protect people around me against the evil internet that has a too good memory. And myself too by the way. Even if I am a boring people, it would bother me to expose my name and everything. There is something scary in it.

Anyway, back to the story!

So, the blogging platteforme I was using until the past days had a big update and we, with blog with low visitors numbers, we would have migrated our blogs like in 50 years or something, so I tried to find a way to save all my stuff somewhere and to find a platteforme which has much more possibilities to export and save the content of the blog. I landed here, at Spotlife, that is using WordPress in the bakground. It feels safe so far and I have much more possibilities to blog from my phone and to put some pictures and so in the posts, so maybe it will be a little more life on here.

I like the simple design as well. No Trams on here, only text. The less good thing is the publicity you may see between the post. I hope it won’t disturb you too much.

Have a good reading and I -sort of- promise to write more interesting things and a litle more often! Instead of playing at candy crush, I will tell you my life, nice, huh?! :)

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