10K in the fog



I met my friends H and H to take a 10km long run in the wood this morning. I have been suffering from my hips and then I had a cold, so the last time I ran a 10km, it was on august, the 25th. Not yesterday in other words.

This morning, it was all foggy, but the temperature was perfect. I had on me my old clothes from when i was 20 or so. Nobody made the laundry here, so I just picked what was clean and I looked like a sausage. Well, the clothes don’t make the runner I guess and the fact that my sweater was wandering up over my belly during the running doesn’t make any difference in the scientifical results down there:



I had a pretty high pulse, with an average of 177 but I felt good in my legs at the critical moments, that always come around 7km when I plan to run 10. This time, I was ok with myself. At 9k, we use to sprint a little and I surprised myself as well to have that much energy left, even if I did not manage to follow H so close. I had 5,43min/km for the last km while we had around 7min/km for the 9 previous one.

I am pretty happy. I don’t really know what will my goal for 2014 be, but I need to have a smart plan: not to injure myself and making of the running a happy moment of the week and not a “must-do” as it was along 2013 and 2012. Some ideas?

2 thoughts on “10K in the fog

  1. Fortsätta springa milen med mej och ha fokus på att prata o ha kul istället för att fokusera på att springa snabbt? :-)


    1. När jag höll på med bloggen i eftermiddags märkte jag att jag hade en massa posts om hur jag sprang då, när jag var ung och det var… snabbt… i jämförelse med nu. Däremot hade jag inte något lika trevligt sällskap! :)


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