What about running?

You may ask how i am doing with running? On Gotland, i did ran 4 times in 6 days, which is for me a good rate! It was hot as hell, even in the morning and the sea, even if it’s beautiful smelt as good as a died dog. This had a good effect on my running, since i wanted to skip that nauseabondous part.

Foto 2013-06-17 16.59.47

I am getting very slow, i dunno why. Oh maybe it is because i haven’t ran intervall since a good month, i should be more addicted to it, but the last runs i made, it was just to make me feel good. Which worked.

Another new is that i bouhgt new confortable shoes. The white&red above are the “fast” shoes, light and the confortable ones are heavier but better made for long running. So please, welcome GT2000 in the familly:

Foto 2013-06-17 16.45.51

It was really about the time when you see the difference between the old and the new on the picture above. I tested them yesterday and i felt so fast, fast as the wind, as least under the first 500m. I may test them some morning before to go to work this week, just in order to feel serious, but i will see.

This was the running telling. Not that much you may think, sorry!