Gotland and Visby

Okay, here you go. The fabulous story of L and M on an island!

everything began a thursday, Swedish national day. 6th of june. Perfect weather and after some hours in the bus, we arrived at Bromma airport to fly to Gotland. For the one willing to read about the island, here is wikipedia: I couldn’t have said it better!

After a little taxiride, we cheched in at the hotel and it was a very perfect place to spend almost one week (for e at least). Look by yourself: link. The people were very nice and the room charming as well. We went to eat in a creperie on thursday evening and we ate outside with the view on the sea. Nice!


We went home pretty early and the first thing i made on friday was to go out for a run. I will write a special post about running in some minutes. On friday, we just took it easy, found a place right about the ocean and looked at it while sipping rosé wine and talking about all and everything. nice friday!

Foto 2013-06-17 17.09.21

On Saturday, we borrowed some bicycles and under a big sun, we took a ride to a little place, south of Visby where there were something to see. Judge by yourself:

Foto 2013-06-17 17.05.37


Foto 2013-06-17 17.04.21


Foto 2013-06-17 17.00.35

It took a lots of energy to ride there, with these bicycles that weren’t made for this and we were pretty tired when we went back to Visby, but happy of the sunbath. M took the plane back to the continent on sunday and i went out to eat lonely, it was not as funny to be there by myself actually, even if the view was also nice.

Foto 2013-06-17 16.59.20


Madeleine, the second princess of Sweden had married on saturday, so i watched the wedding a couple of times, wishing it would happen to me too, with all the horses and so. Oh yeah, it rained on sunday evening, but i barely noticed since i went to bed pretty early, bored. Monday was also boring since i still was alone, and uncapable to focus to read the book i had taken with me.

On tuesday and wednesday, we had a meeting with my work and the first day was dedicated to see some projects we have, plus some nice landscapes from the north of the island. Here you go:

Foto 2013-06-17 16.47.28


Foto 2013-06-17 16.53.58




Foto 2013-06-17 16.54.59


Foto 2013-06-17 16.55.36

As you can see, it was a nice sun shining and i can tell you that it was too much for me: the same evening i began to feel bad but it went away some days later. A shame to move to Sweden in order to get an insolation!

The rest of the stay was spent inside a conference room, so not much to show.

Gotland was nice, but i am currently reading a criminal book with a story happening on the island, the manus is very convincing, so i think it will flew a little water under the bridges before that i put my feet there again!