i wonder

this is the titel from the song of the day that you get now:


So this is done, check!

It has been a while that i wrote (hum, i already read this somewhere) and i have to think hard of what happened… Let’s see… We have been looking for some flats, but nothing was in our
tastes, almost one but it did not had any elevator and 4 floors up, no thank you. I have been travelling in the region for the work as well and i really appreciate the light in the morning and
in the evening for the driving. The trains are cool too, nice to sleep in. And for the rest? some victories at squash, but now i need a lots of excuses to postpone the next match, you never
know how bad you can become in some weeks, but at least, you can say that it was because of the lack of practice. I have been running in the wood too for the first time of this year, but when i
was back at home, i felt my right knee quite a lot. I ran 5km tonight and it feels ok, so i wish it was nothing.


In two weeks, i will attend a running week end, with a lots of running, technic, coach and conferences. This is very exciting since i never ran twice a day or so. I will see how i will survive


Oh, i am soooo tired for tonight, sorry for the lack of conversation, good night!


oh, and for that, you get another song today;