a normal week end in january

M came and visited me this week end in Linköping. We went to the cinema and watched “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” and it was actually not at all what i imagined. I won’t tell more for the people that want to see it.

picture borrowed here

I also finished to read the book “Vips så blev det liv” which contents a lot of humour. It was not very intellectual litterature but it was funny, meaning enough for me in these times when i don’t have that much energy when i go to bed (place where i read 95% of the time).

I also had a reflexion in my head when i came back from the trainstation when M left to Småland. Life is composed of work, friends, relationships, family, hobbies, health, place to live mostly. The past years, i felt like most of the things were ok, except the boifriend part. I tried to convinced myself that it was not my fault (like Elisabeth Gilbert does when it goes about creativity) but somehow, i got some help last summer with that and i am really happy, when i let my ghosts in the cave. So, work is going to change for some better soon, i feel more available for my friends with phonecalls and some week ends planned in februari and mars, same for my family with which i feel i am more able to have good talks since i am less concerned about my own problems, i am enjoying squash, reading, watching movies, making things most f the time, so hobby: check. Place to live: ah well, it is ok as long as i have some discipline. But here you are: health. I should work on it and take my runs as planned but it is going slowly. I took a run last thrusday and a reaction to that is now a hurting throat.


I need to feel better. My plan is to make a mini detox cure in order to loose these christmas kilograms on my ass and then, when my throat will feel better (it has been so since one month or so), i should be able to make it.

No need to say that the snow that felt today and the minus degrees do not really help to motivate myself for some run. But so it will be! yeah!

And trust. I am on the edge sometimes to trust people around me and i need to focus on this: now that my life is back on track, i need to be nice to people around me and trust them. What could happen: to be dissapointed? ah well, not my loss – hum, well yes but ok then-