To be in love

Today was my last day at work for 2012. I did not know it when I woke up this morning, this is something I decided during the coffee break this afternoon. I looked the train timetable, rang M and booked a train to the south for tonight. I am currently sitting in it and this is nice! M seemed surprised, maybe disturbed but it will be all good. I almost cried of happiness when I saw his name on my door and the +1 he left on a picture of it. This is getting so true, I almost can’t believe it! When I was a girl, I never thought that love was for me, I always saw me as a lonely and powerful woman. Not that the two things are uncompatible but now, I am in live and who knows where it will lead us? The Maya’s predicted the end if the world tonight and let me tell you: if the end of the world means to get to meet M, then I can die happy!