oh, what i have been waiting for this moment! I have now about 144 hours of free time and it has been month than i wanted to switch off my working brain! And now, oh yes, it is W O N D E R F U L L !!

And you know what? Tomorrow, adventure travel to Paris it will be! I am very excited to get up at 5h50 tomorrow morning to catch the train to Copenhagen. M is meeting me on the way and i really hope the capitale of the capitales with show him its best side!

I haven’t been in France since i ran the half mara of Paris, it feels like ages, i almost lost my french! At this period of the year, i did not know that i would move to Linköping. I knew that i was about to know that i got some jobboffer but no idea how it would turn. Time flies, but it was actually 9 months ago too.

Oh, and do you know how a glass of wine tastes at the airport? L O V E L Y !!!!

Tonight, when i left work, i thought i needed to cut my hair and i found a hairdresser that only takes 370 kr for a cut, which is about 3 times less than the 2 others i have tried in Linköping. Nice find!