End of the season?

It is getting colder and the dark is coming sooner on the evening too so i took the chance today to ride a last time for 2011 and to give a shower to Mister BMW. I can’t tell that this was a big motorbike season for me. I drove about 3500 km this year, which was a way less than in 2010. Ok i did not drive to south Europe this time but i could have droven a little bit more maybe.

2011 began with some battery problems and a spa session for Mister BMW.

110411 spa

After enjoying the värmehandtag, i took a drive with P to admire snakes in Närke. Quite fresh but nice to ride!

2011 2 5138

I took some rides in Sörmland, when the leaves had not grown yet. Nice sun, nice time and i was preparing a longer
road for eastern.


I drove to Karlstad and got some troubles with the ABS light. In fact, it was some cable that was dead, but it costed me
my arms because te break assistance did not work then.


I took then a little ride to Västerhaninge for a party and i remember i lost 5 fingers on this ride back home because it was cold. But this was nothing, absolutely nothing with the trip to Skåne i made in June. Look by yourself my fingers:


This was a really strange trip, with some incident that at the end lead to something happy. If i wouldn’t have droven on this spike, i wouldn’t be happy in love as i am now. But this is another story.





During the rest of the summer, i did not make any long trip, i was just driving around in Östergötland and unfortunatly, often on the same roads. Not much inspiration, not much motorbike-company and other funny things to do than to drive motorbike.




No idea how 2012 will be, for now Mister BMW is clean, maybe ready to sleep during the winter, with a battery loader on and a little room just for himself. Thanks for the kms and noight!