This race was an exciting experiment! It was a sunny saturday morning when i was standing in the starting blocks with about 1500 other girls, not really knowing how it would turn.

The first 2,5km were really pleasant to run in a nice forest, on small roads. Then came the first wet moment: about 500m in the mood. beurk. Really hard to take your feet out the shit with you have it upp to the knees. We got another wet moment direct after that and it was simpel: run in a lake. Not very warm, but it did not felt unconfortable. To run with wet clothes was worse.

At km4 we arrived in a little ravin and it was one thing to do: run with high knees.

Then i don’t really remember what came first: the upphill when i had to take me upp on my 4 legs, the swimming in a river where i got water upp to the shoulder, the kilometer in the deep shit, i swear.

I was really happy to cross the goal line after 10 intense kilometers, i think it was harder than half marathon in fact, much more wet and intense.

Go and take a look at the pictures tehre,you will understand:

The rest of the week end was spent in Stockholm in awesome compagny and it was some visits in museum (fotografiska and moderna muséet), a nice evening out yesterday and some happy tea drinking moments. Really enjoyable week end, me liked a lot!

Thanks J for this extraordinary gift and the nice evening yesterday and thanks M for your support and everything you give me!