Black beauty

This was my fav book after “the white fang” when i was kid and now, i know why.


Back on tracks. Soft hands and motor on. Light on the inside, lean on me on the outside. Follow with the hips, smile on your lips. One hour of riding was the best idea evaaar to make me feel as if i was 16 again. Thanks H!!!! Ok, tomorrow morning, i will surely think differently tomorrow morning, but maybe i am kind of back to my glorious hours? well don’t think i am so pretentious. The glory could sometimes just be “oh she moved her back legs just like i thought!” after 50 days of riding the same thing haha


me 1986 or 1987 not sure, with my favvo pony Tintin :)


1993 on my favvo horse Nectar



1999 with my precious love, in the family since a couple of years then


2003, one of the last times i was riding properly. I miss her tonight of course.

But next monday, yeah, back there again!!

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