What makes a week end worth

The hangover from yesterday remembering me that i had a cool evening?

The bus coming in in Linköping with nice compagny for the week end in?

The rain yesterday afternoon when it was so hot and unbreathable?

The rapid dinner at burger king?

The nice drink (and lime pieces) on the Torget?

The walk home along the quiet river?

The early breakfast?

The nice lunch with the visit of a cat in a cute restaurant outdoor?

The film about Anvil, who is living for their passion and not going through but trying the harder they can anyway?

The feeling of having a heart beating sadly when the bus drove away?

The strawberries i will eat while watching some random movie?

The song of the day?



Hey baby come round

Keep holding me down
And I’ll be keeping you up tonight.

The four letter word got stuck in my head
The dirtiest word that I’ve ever said
It’s making me feel alright.

For what it’s worth I love you
And what is worse I really do
Oh what is worse I’m gonna run run run
‘Till the sweetness gets to you
And what is worse I love you!

For what it’s worth I like you
And what is worse I really do
Things have been worse
And we had fun fun fun
‘Till I said I love you
And what is worse I really do!