We could have it all

Oho, sång på sång, det ekar över hela staden!

I had this song in the head when i woke up and i think i heard it about 156247892 times already today. I like it, it gives me energy and Veronica knows how much i need! I was invited for a barbecue yesterday evening and it was not only meat on the table. It was a cool evening, nice mix of ages around the table. Kids have this power to find enjoy details.

I took my bycicle ride around 2 this morning home and it was raining. All dark and raining. Magical in a way, it has been long time since i saw a dark night. It was also kind of a sport to talk on the phone while i was riding my bike in the dark, but i managed and it made me smile. Ok, i lost one lamp, but who cares?

There is one thing living good in my flat and i could call this a reborn. Miss Bigplant did not like the move in
She was all dry and sad and stuff, but now, she is making new flowers, having new branches and so, she is enjoying. Cold water and love are enough to survive! This is the proof!




For now, saturday program with food shopping and so. The song of the day is a lazy choice (suggested from youtube on the side from “välkommen in”) hihi. Have a nice week end!

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