Fast moments

It has been 2 very funny and interesting days I have lived and ush, i will sleep very well tonight!

We drove our way south to a 2 day meeting with the work on a really sunny monday morning and the spirit was good in the car. Even got the sunglasses on! The radio was playing quite good songs (for real) and we even had to sing together on Ace of Base. Ahaha the 90’s were so good.

We arrived in Motala almost on time and were ready for the first visit: a 28 km long road and almost as much railroad is being built between Motala and Möljby and this was what we were looking at.


Motala seems to be a strange city. This is the main place if i understood well, and the buildings around are all from the 60’s, 70’s like, so not really my thing. Then we went to see how a big bridge is about to be build. Well, nothing to see with Millau viaduct but big enough to be impressive. This is a hole where one of the 2 piles (which are V-formed) will lay.


The water behind is the Vättern. One big lake.

Then, we drove to a little place to make some team building activities and it was soooooooooo much fun. We drove a lots of funny vehicules. Look on the website, you will understand how cool it was:

After some hours of screaming, teambuildning and so, we drove to our hotel, a fantastic beautiful house in Omberg. So beaufitul you almost die!


The funny thing that we had to share the 2 showers, so i was very happy me who noticed that first and managed to run to the shower first, so that i was ready to look at the view from our balcony.



The whole hotell was really simple but i felt good in every room. If i get rich one day, i will buy a house like that, have a lots of rooms and invite my friends and eat breakfast on the balcony every morning.

After the shower, it was time to eat a wonderful 3 course dinner, with delicious wines and food. Really good chef in the kitchen!

And the view from my place, priceless:


The mood was very good, i was sitting at a table with some people that i don’t know very well and they were all being super cool and funny and talked a lot. We finished the team building facon planned with a beer degustation and my favo was number 1, which was one that no one liked ahah


When i went to bed, i was feeling like in a big familly. Me and my army like.

The last thing i drank was a calvados, a real one and it was very good that i did that, because when i woke up this morning, i had all my head. No pain at all, i was feeling tired, that’s sure, but absolutely no hang over. And what for a pleasure to go on the balcony in pyjamas to feel the sun lick your skin…

The day number two was focused on conferences and i even had a little speech this morning, but i was bad prepared and did not shine. I made the presentation mondya before to leave work and i did not take the time to reread my slides. It is not good. A little tips if you are going to present something, always be prepared and know which slides come and so. Even if you are making it with a cool group as i did this morning, i am not sure someone noticed but i was not feeling on my top. I will make much better (at least try to) next tuesday when i will be showing again.

The travel home was too long, even if the company in the car was nice here too. But i just wanted to go home and eat some sallad and go to bed. This is approximativly what i will be doing within 20 min! Tomorrow is a long day again, on the road and thursday, a big day.