Last sunday in Eskilstuna

I have been up since 3 hours already and tried to pack the kitchen. This is not really easy because thigns are heavy and take a lots of space, so i have a loooots of boxes now and i intern pray that it will all feet in the car on thursday.

My neighbours had a party last night, it doesn’t happen so often and this time, they had some english speaking guests. I could hear that because i had open window, not because they were super loud. They were ok behaving actually. Except around 4. They went out i guess and one of them without key obviously came home and called at my flat to enter. I was not specially expecting some visit at this point, so i just staid in bed and slept again. I have to tell that i needed like some good minutes to understand what was happening, this phone of mine is never ringing usually, so i barely know its tone. I think the person tried with the good neighbourgs and got to go inside.

Oh shit, when i look at what is left to pack, i feel bad.

Ok, think POSITIV! Next sunday, i will wake up in my new flat, prolly with a good feeling like “today i will put some order in my chaos”, it will surely be sunny and i will eat my breakfast on my balcony. Oh and maybe i will take my first run in Linköping too. If i find my shoes and clothes.

When i began to pack, i thought “easy, i remember where is what, super easy.” but now, i don’t. Ah well, little by little, i should find everything again…