Priority the return

Lucky you that read me and not hear me today. My throat hurts like hell and i can barely talk. I had a 13 hours day at work yesterday and wish sincerely that i am done with one special thing. I hope so but other people in the company may think differently. I was totally exhausted when i came home, had some familly talks and ahaha my sister is funny.

This is so that my parents and sister have a special phone subscription (like when i think a little, a lot of other french people i know) that make the phone calls free abroad. So when i want to talk to them, i call and they call me right back. So yesterday, i called my sister and she answered “ah good you are calling, i am upset and i need to put you in the right way” and she hang up. I was thinking, shit, what did i say, do or forget to do now? She called me back some minutes later and i asked what was the problem and she told me “yeah, you missed a prince once again, he is married now!”. AHah this was funny. Like 1 april except it was 29th.

We had a big laugh about something stupid too, like i was almost peeing on me and i can’t remember when it was the last time i had that much pain in the stomach because of laughing. We also had some disco party on the phone and i felt really old when i noticed that i knew the song pretty well and not her. I was like 14 when the song went out and it was pretty Ze song when we had our parties. Top délire méga groove, Everybaaaaaady

I dunno what people were doing yesterday night while i was sleeping like a baby, but i got some funny voice messages sms and mms this morning when i turned on my phone. I rarely turn it off but apparently, i have a good feeling on when i have to do it if i want to sleep in peace. But it made me smile this morning and still now when i think of the messages :) This is really
teenage-acting, but listening again and again to cool voice messages makes me happy!

Well, even if i was pretty active already since i got up this morning (at 7… a saturday…), i need to make a lots of things. I banged out the running this morning, because i am feeling on the border to be sick. This would be the WRONG timing, really wrong. The coming weeks, i just have the time to be sick, wait, no, never until the 20th of may. And tonight, this is party in Väster Haninge, i think i will take a nice motorbike ride there, the weather is fine and the roads there are funny if i remember well. No alcohol for me tonight, i don’t want to dream of blondinbella in a room with other people, not sure really who is staying over or so.

Have fun this week end people, i will! The song of the day is so easy found: