Smarter than a 5th grade

OBS, this will be a boring post. This will  be a post about my life these past 2 days, this will be a good way for you to fall asleep.

Also. Yesterday, i woke up with some difficulties at 6, after a night of dreams with Blondinbella, which was kind of annoying. I worked my ass off and actually, i worked more my hears and mouth off since i spent 80% of the day on the phone. I love to talk on the phone and discuss with people, but not much papperwork has been done. I also got a really funny and neirdy phone call when i think after. A guy from some big organisation where i have a project who asked me “do you need some 750 000 m3 stones for your project?”. Like I have this pot to cook:


If i would use it to transport the stones the guy will give me, i would need to fill it more than 14 millions times. Do you see? A big amount of stone. Well, this was a neirdo discussion because i was able to answer approximatively how much stones i would need and when (like in light ages, august 2016 or so). When the conversation was at its end, i was really reflecting about this: When i was 16 years old, could i see that these kind of things would be obvious 13 years later for me? Not sure. I think i more saw my future life like “explore the world and enjoy”. But i never saw me after the age of 30. I think i have to spend some time to think of it.

Anyway, i worked the whole day and around 18, i began to put some order in my office, because i realized that i will be there only a few days until i stop to work there. I will be travelling a lot over days the coming 3 weeks, so if i want to clean for the next one, i had to make it yesterday. I found a loooooots of old pictures, documents, newspapers articles and so. I was a bit
emotional, but not too much. One very important thing is that even if i did not make everything perfect there, i couldn’t see something i would feel ashamed for.


This was a looooong road in Morocco, when i was there for work 2007 or 2008. This was an interesting part of my work, getting abroad (well, i am already abroad but this was REALLY abroad) and discover a new culture and above all, becoming conscious about the fact that well, we don’t have much to teach out there. But cool even if hard experience.

I even got to try the “national” sport in Sweden with the department i work in: GOLF. You have to know (for the non-swedes) that golf is the biggest religion here. People talk about their rounds during the spring, summer, fall and during the winter, they are talking about the rounds they will play next year. At least it was so when i began in this department. So we had an annual
tournament there and i came last. Not difficult, i had never plaid golf evaaar. My conclusions after this day was that the balls are only going where they want and they liked pretty much wood and high grass. Not good for my points. Well, i did not like golf.


There is one thing i did win, and with high level. We had once a fishing competition in Eskilstuna ån and you know maybe how much i like fishing… I find it so boring that i do prefer grill sausage than catch a fish. But this time, yeah, like in every competition, i had to try at least. So i threw the line millions of times in the water, only got some waterplants, until ZE fish. I
was the only one of the group getting one ahah. And i ate every part of it!


Well, when i had watched a looots of pictures, thrown away a loooots of pappers and stuff, i decided to take my way home, around 19 or so, which is very late for me. Yeah, french friends, when i call you for your bday at 7, i am already at work ;) Special decidace to T!

My friend A called me and we decided to enjoy the evening in a cosy restaurant, which had a very special smell. Not the best evar, but as the guys who sat there told us “you get used to it”. We did. On our way home, we saw a very nice tree, all blooming in white, it was wonderfull. Magnolias it seemed.


The glass of wine i drank yesterday evening was prolly the one “too much”. I had bad dreams about hells angels and blondinbella again, this is maybe somehting i need to talk about someday. I got up early this morning, i knew i had 2 clam hours to begin the day with at work, so i wanted to enjoy every minute of them. Which i almost did. My phone rang all the time after 8.

At 9, i was sitting in the long chair at the dentist and got a woman taking care of my teeth during one hour. It was not the best feeling ever, but good to make a dentist dissapointed: nothing to fix there more than the usual controll. Yeah, mamma and pappa, you can be proud of your work: your daugther has good teeth!

I ran back at the office for some hours and OH HAPPINESS!! My boss found someone who can take over a project of mine, it was high time, but not too late yeat, so it helped me to destress and to begin to see that there will be an end at this work. I haven’t been considering the new job and my new life in Linköping yet, but it will come sooner or later.

I ran home for lunch, changed my clothes to the MC ones and drove to Strängnäs to fix this ABS problem with my motorbike. The guys there are so nice and cool, they take care of their customers, for real also. But ok, of course, when iw as driving there, the brakes were working normally, no lamp lighting or so, i was beginning to think that i was seeing badly last sunday when i saw a red light the whole way back hom from Karlstad, but ah well. I explained my problem to the guys, one of them tried the motorbike and ouuuuf, it was lighting with him. So at this point, it was the beginninf from the mechanic lesson of the day. The cool thing was that they let me be with them while they were looking at the problem, so now i know how to take off the gastank (takes 20 minutes with 2 men), how to test all the cables from the brakes, what a servopump costs (800 euros), how the security for the brakes works and above all, why it was a problem. The problem was …. drum noices… the cable between the foot brake and the brake lamp was almost broken. 1 hour for 2 men, 10 cm cable and 100 euros poorer later, i drove happily my way back home.

I was thinking getting a coffee at my friends F place on my way home, but she was apparently busy with other funny things, so i just had to enjoy the feeling of “oh yeah, i really know how i want to live in some years” when i was walking in her backyard. The little road from her house to the bigger road is always charming. Enjoy yourself:


My motorbike got a new shower today and when i arrived home, i jumped into my running clothes for an upphil training. I felt my left hips the whole day yesterday, but this morning, a colleague called me to tell me that he ran the 10km in the wood in a time of 56 min and this is enough for me to forget my hips: no K, you won’t run faster than me!!! ;) The ten times upphil were hard and i almost lost my heart. I streched a lot too C, but i think i will feel my legs tomorrow.

It was good to run in the sun and when i arrived home, i took a sunbath only in underwears. No care of the neighbourhgs, i will leave here soon anyway. I also had a little nap and read a newspapper and some pages with Keith too.

In the newspapper, therewas an article of a woman who rented a cabin for herself alone in the woods during 3 months in order to find herself again and ski. She left her familly during this time and found them back after, they had a deal. I felt a little like i should do it someday, rent something in the woods and test. She also wrote somehting inspiring:

Har du en dröm så satsa nu för livet går inte i repris.

(if you have a dream, go for it now because life will not come back, or so like that in english)

I believe that too. This is mainly hte reason why i move now. I want to see another town, to discover new people (even if i love the one i know here) and make a real step as long as i can make steps by myself. So it was sort of a sign for me that all the things i am doing right now are right. Exactly right.

Keith Richards is also someone i like more and more with the reading of “life“. I have 10 pages left so tonight will be our last night together but it seems anyway that he is someone i would like to meet. Tom Waits describes him like that:

“Keith, pour sa part, a l’air de s’émerveiller continuellement. Il lui arrive de s’arrêter net, de tenir sa guitare devant ses yeux et de la contempler un moment, comme ca. Bluffé. Déconcerté. Comme devant tout ce que notre univers a de grandiose, la femme, la religion, le ciel… Tu t’émerveilles, tu te poses plein de questions, et tu ne t’arrêtes plus jamais de le faire.”

(with the help of google translate: Keith, himself seems continually amazed. He often makes a short stop, take his guitare and contemplate it a little. Bluffed. Confused. As in front of everything that our universe has which is grandiose, women, religion, the sky… You will be amazed, you aks yourself questions and you never stop)

Again, the big things in the little ones. Word.

I also had 4 nice phonecalls from my friends tonight, it was good to talk and listen too btw. And i am now sitting, sipping the rest of an alcoholfree bottle of white wine that was in my fridge, i will get totally high tonight ;). I wanted to go to bed not later than 21, but it was a miss for this time. Ah, whatever, tomorrow is another day!

And the song of the day will be from Etuna, enjoy:


Det är bara minnen för livet
men du tar allting för givet