I am sorry for the 7 who were here yesterday and read, it was not very active on here, but this will be repaired with the article of today. Obs, it may be a long post! Well, if i don’t fall asleep while i am writting.

This is Eastern and one of (according to my own scale) the most boring week ends in Sweden. This is the week end where people meet their families and i have some problems to go and check lunch at my parents place for eastern. Well. So this year, i decided to make it different.

For a while, i booked an hotel night in Karlstad for saturday. I thought, depending on the weather, i would take a motorbike ride and make at least something funny during the week end, even if i wasn’t able to eat lunch with my parents. Why Karlstad? Why not? I talked to a colleague for a while and he told me “ah, you should have moved to Värmland, people are so warm there”. So i picked Karlstad to see if he were right.


Saturday morning aty 8h15, on a bright new showered BMW R1150R, i took the road west. It was a sunny, but shit oho
cold weather for the fingers, even though the warm. I wanted to drive “motorbike funny roads” so i follow the special map i have and this is not always nice roads to drive as biker. Often boring, high speed and no curves to use the sides of your tires. I just found this kind of roads when i wanted to take a shortcut because i was bored and actually, this was COOL!!


The first of this nice road was between Nora and Karlskoga. It was all swingy and super nice view on the right side. What for a good excuse to make a stop and try to warm upp all the 10 fingers.


Then, i drove the boring roads directly to Karlstad: i wanted to visit a museum and it was closing at 17, so i had to be there some hours before in order to enjoy. I arrived at the goal after a 227 km nice ride.

I had some difficulties to udnerstand the girl at the hotel reception and i grew myself a dissapointment. Description: I arrived there around 1 in the afternoon, parked my motorbike just outside the hotel in order to chek in. There was a group of maybe 8-10 young and good looking guys there, so i was using the “tough girl driving motorbike on her own” trick to have some attention, but at the same time i was taking my room keys, i understood that they were checking out. Ah well. Next time, i’ll book on friday night.

Then, i went to this famous museum, Värmlands museum, which was pretty cool. Thanks to the warm weather outside, i was not disturbed a second there and had the whole museum for me alone. It was actually very interesting and well done, i enjoid it. And learnt some things too.


Don’t ask me what this represented (it was not written) but i find this table nice and when i will have a big house, i will have a one like that. The contact between the rock and the water is just beautiful me thinks.

There was also a part with art (and not only history about Värmland) and some pieces were really wonderful, bad quality on the pics i took with my phone unfortunatly.






From the museum, you could see the parc outside and all the people laying there and all the KIDS there. Ush, what for an invasion! There were kids everywhere, painted in witches and magicians and stuff, horrible!


When i was done with the museum, it was time for me to lay down in the grass and take the first outdoor nap of the year. Wonderfull! Until i began to think on how many dogs did pee on the tree which was my pillow…


After my nap, i went to the hotell with a walk through Karlstad center. I was actually surprised to see how much cafés and bars were having outdoor places and the number of happy people sitting there and laughing. I was too shy to go there and take a beer by myself, but one day, when i will have more balls, i will make it. For me on saturday at this point of the day, it was time to get a beer at the reception and go in my hotell room to enjoy some strawberries and the …. TV….



Yeah, sorry but it was the day before easter, i was feeling lonely so TV was the best way for me to relax. Madagascar II on the program btw, i couldn’t have wished for something better! Yeah, Easter depresses me. I so wanted to be able to be at lunch the day after at my parents place, not that we are fervent catholics happy to eat again after 40 days forced diet, not really, but lunch at their place on sundays is something i won’t be able to make spontaneously so long i will live in Sweden. Or everywhere else that is not less than 3 hours road trip from them btw. Just me coming with a chocolate mousse as dessert and enjoying their food and company. Well, not just me, i must have a driver too, because their wine is pretty lovely too. Well. Yesterday, i wanted to relax, think of other things, so TV has been watched. And i am so much more clever now… NOT!

I was not very sure which roads i would take the day after, and it gave me some troubles to feel asleep. 2 other things helped me to stay awake:

1) the first mouskito of the year

2) the happy people from Karlstad

And the 2 have some connection: i slept with opened window, so number one got in and zzzed in my hears until he bited me and number 2 were making me smile. People outside were apparently driving around in cars from the 60’s and the noices plus their laughs were a delicious part. This was not like listening people fighting in Eskilstuna on saturday evening, no it was really joy noices and helped me to have a nice night.

Nice night until number 3 came into the picture. Number 3 is actually a bunch of volatiles that begin their day at 6h30 exactly. I was in a dream of me being pregnant, with delivery in july, beginning at the same time a new job as PR and at the same time i would give birth, i would also throw away the skinn cancer i was having, all concentrated on my stomach, which was not round, although i was 2 months from the term. The funniest part was that i was pregnant from an ex and i think we put an end in our relationship in 2003 or so. It was a long gestation… Anyway. Numbers 3 woke me up, but i was kind of happy to take the road again.


I had some marital fight with R1150R this morning. He doesn’t like to be started when it is cold and even less being turned off directly and started again. Well, with the configuration of the garage, i HAD to make this, which resulted in some ABS lighting like it was xmas. Well not at first. After some 50 m, the light turned off, so i just drove to the south.


It was less cold than the day before, and the views on Vänern were also nice. Proof:


Ah, i got you!! this may not be the Vänern, this may be a little water place i don’t remember where, but it was for sure before i noticed that the ABS lamp was lighting again and the brakes were not working like they should. Well, the assistans were not working, which means that instead of being able to stop with 2 fingers in 10m, i needed my whole right hand at max power and 100m distance. This was not nice i tell you. So i turned in Gullspång, of all the place in teh world and discovered the most visited gasstation of the whole Sweden. Well, this is maybe because there is nothing much to see around that people are ressembling there on Easter? Well, no idea.

So after 50km of a trip that should have been 400 km long, i sat in the grass, reading the BMW note book and trying to figure out what the problem was. I phoned the insurance too, asking them for help because the book said “vous ne passez pas par la case départ, vous ne touchez pas 20000 francs”. I talked with my father too, who was nice enough to remember me that R1150R doesn’t like cold mornings and to google the most common failure with ABS. I also had a friend ready to pick me up if i would get trouble to take me home (no shit, sunday, easter, Sweden, middle of nowhere, good equation?). And another one on FB too. Nice help, thanks for real!


But i think i got the most cheering help from a perfect stranger. Remember, me alone with my bike, sitting in the grass, at the most popular gasstation from whole Sweden. It did not take 3 minutes for a 35 years old suzuki bandit 1200 driver to come around and ask me if i needed some help. I explained my problem and he told me it was no worry. I am also pretty sure he was laughing at me but his words (even if i barely understood the half) were conforting, so i decided i would get my ride today and get me a right arm twice much more stronger than before. So i rang the insurance, told them i was ok (one hour had gone, so the guy supposing to pick me up was barely ready to get up i suppose) and put my helmet on and drove south again.

Once again, pretty boring long and straight roads, so i just turned left and took a short cut. And it was MAGICAL!!! first, the ABS lamp turned off: brakes yeah, i love you! and second, it was a really funny road to ride on!!



I actually remember which lake it was: Viken. Just along the funny road. I had so much fun in about 50km, incredible. Then i had to fill in with gas and my pleasure stopped as fast as the ABS light turned on. I don’t like to swear to God, but Easter took its whole signification for me: this is not easy to drive without gadgets that make your life easier. You just notice it when you loose it.

Driving western of the Vättern was cold. And boring. I really don’t get why this road had to be on this motorbikemap, it was super but super boring. I stopped in a charming place (with view on the Vättern) and ate the sandwich i made myself at the hotel during the breakfast. And i got some visit there. Yeah, the first wasp of the year!


She drove with me until i arrived in Askersund and then, she felt all dead and frozen. But i told her it was dangerous to ride a bike with ABS light getting crazy… At this point, i was also frozen, and even if i enjoy my company, i was bored. This is not funny to make things (even the most exciting ones) always by yourself. Even if you get to write them afterwards to a faithfull
bunch of readers on here, this is not funny, this is dramatically pathetic. Well, i had to drive home anyway, so i took the southern side of the Hjälmaren and came home around 3 this afternoon, after 342km hard core driving.


I was pretty exhausted when i got home, plus that my hear plugs don’t work that good anymore it seems. I hear too much in them. But i had some nice invitation for dinner, so it was no idea to sit in the soffa: shower and bus to my friend A! miam, i ate for 2 weeks and best of everything: sitting in the sun outside in tee-shirt so long! And having such good company! Poor chicken that died for that…


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