or chéri?

I love sweden and working in a state company the days before red days. Our wokring days are just 6 hours long then and it is genialissimo in Sweden that both friday and monday are red days around eastern. Think: work half day on thursday, then free friday, saturday, sunday and monday and back at work tuesday if you don’t forget to put the alarm.

This long week end began with some cooking and a very enjoyable 3 courses dinner with 3 friends at my place. I think i haven’t cooked for real since this evening in februari, pretty lame. Yesterday, we had some Salade de chèvres chauds first, than Salmon with Gorgonzola and sherry sauce as main course and Mousse au chocolat as dessert. Yeah, ok you got me, the only dessert i can make is Mousse au chocolat. I can’t bake cake or so, plus that i don’t like them (which is maybe the reason why i can’t bake them good). But i am very good for the Mousse, people can tell you!

The first course had some hot time: when the toasts were in the oven, we were talking bla bla bla in the living room and i forgot them. They werre like all blacks and if my friend A wouldn’t have hitten the bread and made new toasts, i would prolly still sitting on the floor laughing about my stupidity: it takes only 3 minutes or so for the toasts to be ready, why should i go in the living room and tell a 15 minutes long story!

The main course was actually pretty good. It was the first time i tried to make this (after a receipe from a colleage) and it was very mumsy.


I put the gongorzolabetween the skin and the fish and it smelted all nice in the oven during the cooking time (no more than 5 minutes, i took care of the clock this time!).


This was the sauce before mixing the ingredients. This sauce fits really good with beef me thinks too.  And of course, we had some summer drink in the fridge too:


That was a good evening. The half of the compagny left and me and the other half went downtown to take some drinks. At the beginnning, we had grappa as goal. Also, to drink grappa at grappa. But when we had to smell one sort, i changed my mind and wanted to drink some chartreuse instead, So we turned at TNT for the rest of the night. Which makes that i have no hang over today. This was funny to learn a drink receipe to the bar tender. I mean, how big is the possibility that they have chartreuse in a bar in Eskilstuna, Sweden when you are not even sure to find it in France?

We staid theresome hours, watching people and TV and when i felt too tired, we went home. There was some party going on in the garden where i live so i laid in bed, listening to peoples laughs. Nice to hear people that are happy.


I also loved to watch the beautiful flowers i got yesterday when i ate my breakfast this morning. And this is not aspirin in the glas, this is fresh pressed lemon juice. Good to begin the day.

I think it will take like the whole day for me to dress up today. I just want to hang around in my man’s shirt, read some of Keiths life and maybe i will go and wash my motorbike this afternoon. There are some clouds for now and nothing on the program for today. NICE!