in ur face

Today was a fight day. Woke up pretty early, got a message on FB with an attached file that i couldn’t read from my phone and the title was something with Iphone in. So i thought this friend was making fun of me and i was speculating on why. At home tonight, i watched the video and yeah, this handsome guy was making fun of me, but not at all about what i thought.

So i drove to Uppsala in the early morning, it was super sunny and i was kind of proud of myself to having found my sunglasses in my chaos at home. The guys talking at the radio are really annoying in the morning, plus that you have to change radio station pretty often on the road Eskilstuna-Uppsala. Well.
When i arrived at the office in Uppsala, some colleague had let a report for me on her desk and it was about something we did earlier that year. Like about 150 pages of bla bla from some researchers comparing our methods through the country for one specifical thing and i had to read a -for me- unpleasant text, something i thought i did much better. It was kind of a hard moment. Not that i think that i am excellent at all what i do (well, almost) but the fact that swedes will always surprise me with the weakness of telling things right back to you at the right time. It always come 15662 light years after the battle… I could have made things better if i only knew that people were thinking that of my work. The worse is that i asked
about this special thing before to begin and got no reaction. Well, i know that. I know that taking a hard discussion is not the rule here, but i fucking have to teach me more how to read between the lines, and i honeslty thought that after 5 ½ years, i would be quite ok at that. so totally fucking wrong. bleh *dissapointed with herself*
The only good thing at the radio this morning, was the song you will have for the song of the day today:
A bitter me is going offline for tonight. :/