… or not.

I had a pretty good monday. It went well at the innebandy, i did not shoot own goal this time and i felt pretty fit, strange enough. I ran home, took my shower in 2 seconds, because the goal of the evening was pretty much exiting: it was to buy an Iphone. And oh Ze noes, i came home without, but i gain one thing. Well, 2: a lots of money and the conviction that i will NEVER EVER buy any iphone in my whole life. What “never say never”? I went into 5 differents shops and in all of them, the salemen/women treat me like an idiot “399 kr a month plus pay for your communications is not expansive” when i told them that i max give 380 kr a month nowadays, including internet surfing from my cellphone. So no, no iphone it will be. The only thing that is making me a bit sad is that i can’t see clearly now, the rain is gone. No, sorry for the disgression.

Plus the racism!!! i find that the generation 4 of iphone is a way to quadratic. I don’t like hard lines, same with cars, i don’t like the BMW 3, which wheels seem to escape from the front, like when you drive a little too fast, the don’t keep attached and poouf, you are the nose in the asfalt:

Picture from here

i do prefer soft line and when i will be famous, rich and influent, i will drive this car, in deep blue:

picture from here

Well, it may last a little, so maybe it won’t be another serie, but soft lines for sure! And  Tailleur jupe on me for sure too. And all that WITHOUT Iphone. Anyway, what i wanted to tell was that i was asking after a iphone 3GS and everyone looked at me like at a UFO asking “don’t you want an iphone 4G?”. No, you heard me well. I want an old one, you know, old fashion, because everything that is old is cool, at least 30 years later (me trying to persuade myself that i will be an coold 30 years old girl in less than 11 months).

So i will keep my personal Iphone. Perfect size:



With a very good calendar function:


With the mapfunction, you can know where you are at any time:


You never loose the contact with your friends through the very practical contactbook, and you can even map it as you wish:


you may even share multimedia with your friends all around the world, may it be music or pictures. You don’t need the “face to face” discussion option since no one wish to see you, so you may have longer relationship with this fantastic myphone:


Seriously, call me old fashion, but no, there won’t ever be an iphone. Think if the first salesman would have be nice to me… I was ready to give him a lots of money. When i came back home, i discovered a letter that i did not see at first. This was the bill for the appartment in Linköping. And oh miracle! The amount of one month of sleep-in-warm-appartment-with-water-and-nice-sleeping-room-for-motorbike does cost exactly the same as i wanted to give for this damn phone. It was mathematically simple.

I met a guy running in the club downtown and he reminded me of the competition this week end. But urgh,not sure i can handle this. 5 km in the woods with bloodtaste in the mouth, hum, no thanks. I will go to the training the day after tomorrow and it will be enough. If i read the program well, it will be 6 times 1000m. Not my favorites… There are 2 trainings left for the spring season in the club in Linköping when i will get there, and it will for me begin with a…. 6 times 1000m too. So on wednesday, it may be a good preparation. Who wants to shame at the first training with your new running friends?

I discovered 2 sad things today though: the last film of the season for the Eskilstuna filmstudio is a scary movie. I hate that. I will just pee on myself and scream and people will throw me out from the cinema ( i am just an awefull compagny when there are some sensitive effects) and the second one is that the filmstudio in Linköping does fight on thursday with running training or/and is at 14 on saturday afternoon. I am not sure of how i will do. Let’s see after the summer though, there are plenty of time to think of this.