Between 1 and 0

Oh what a day again. It was so sunny and warm (12 degrees on my balcony!) that i was wondering if i would take the first ride of the year tonight, but then, i look at the roads and i will wait a little. Plus that i was super hungry when i came home, so i had better to do than to freeze my toes.

I haven’t much to tell today, more than i was working in Uppsala today and driving there always kills me, don’t know why. This is the worse road ever. I drove via Västerås home and even if the motorway after Enköping is so beautiful and reminds me some saturday 2010, i also hate driving this way home. It is like Uppsala is a waaay too long from Eskilstuna.

I like very much to work at the office in Uppsala though. This is like mini hollidays there, not that i am not doing anything, no, only that i meet a lots of cool people and i always get a lots of hugs. Yeah, one of the good hugers i talked about earlier is working there, so i always know i will get some tenderness. Somehow, more than a boifriend, i miss tenderness. Maybe i should buy me a cat and clap it every day. Some say that the physical feelings give out some good hormones. Maybe this is the solution, even if i am feeling quite well. But a cat, bleh! Cats are so unthankfull…

I was lying actually. I am not feeling well. And i am not the only one. I am suffering of muscles pain after the floorball game from yesterday. I heard that other colleagues were doing too and this is located in the back of my back. Yeah, the upp part of my ass. I am paying these 2 past lazy weeks…

I wanted to link to another song from Bo Kaspers, which was “sockerdricka och sprit” but it wasn’t available on youtube, so i put this one that i like pretty much too as the song of the day.