den som väntar på nåt gott…

this is the worse expression evaaaar.

Oho and i got some critic today about my lame english. It was so that i wrote “bike” to describe this:


while this faithful reader thought that i was talking of that:


The first bike is gone and hopefully will ride much more than he did with me and the second bike, ohoo we are still in love, more than evaaar! And i am just waiting (yeah) that the shit is away from the streets to make a loooong and surely fresh ride in Sörmland somewhere.

Anyway, this is totally accepted to give me some hints for my bad english, i do my best but i write and talk englsih as well as a russian cow can dance tango. But i think you already understood it. Anyway. As a friend of mine from the States would say: “i understand 90% of what you write and the 10% are just fun”. So DEAL WITH IT!! haha

honestly, i was thinking that i would switch langage on here. English is really a pain in the ass fo rme and sincerely, the most natural langage right now would be swedish. At least for what goes on the everyday life (which is what a blogg is about). But sometimes, i could write in french too. German is almost excluded now i think, i can barely speak it. But i don’t know, what do you think people? Which langage do you want?

I had a hate/love day today. Like i had to do the thing i am useless at: waiting. I had to wait the whole day to make one thing and it was an horror, most because some other forces from outside

was both stressing me/giving me compliments that i was slowly dying to hear. I will tell you later what it is all about, but today was a pissy day.

Btw, i dunno if i want to tell everything on here. I am noticing with the days that people that i meet on and so are reading on here and know much more about me than i know about them. You may think i am stupid, because this is the purpose with a blog when you write down your useless life and people from all over the world may read and laugh at you. Earlier it was so that my closest friends were internet disabled, so it was ok to write on here, i never felt like it was too much exposure, but this link with facebook made it crazy in a way. So, hum, i am not sure on how i want to write on here anymore. But if some of you feel concerned, you may invite me for a beer and tell me about your own life, and i may tell about mine here. This is a threat.

But you know what? Even if i felt like an elefant again, i shoot some goals at innebandy and it was GOOD!!

And as a friend of mine just wrote me:

“it sounds that your future is going to be bright”

and for sure it is! Peace! Yo!

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  1. Finns risk att jag kommer vilja slå följe = ) Letar maskin och spons till en sådan…


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