Vi räknar dagar, räknar år

This was a strange sunday. It began pretty early with some radio listening. I cannot get in this thing in Lybien. I don’t really understand why some nations just take the right to bombard this country, even if i am agains dictatorship. It reminds me a little some september 1940 in a way.

So i got up, took a run in the sun and even if i felt like an elefant, it was a good moment. Sun shining and a few people outside, snow smelting and so. This were 7 km in 39 min, slower than the half mara in Paris and with high pulse (192 in average). Well, let’s say that it was the 2 weeks of doing nothing that made it.


This is the flowers i bought myself to confort me. Confort me of being such an person without patience. I am in the middle of something and week ends are a pain in the ass for my brain. Flowers doesn’t help actually. I tried to put some energy in good things but i definitivly ome back to the things i cannot change right now today on a sunday. Bleh.

The puzzle is still unfinished and it is slowly breaking my balls, if i had some. In respect of J, J and A who helped me to put it together so far, i had to finish it, but honestly, i would so like to put it in the box and don’t think of it. Yeah, i told you, i am half irritated and unpatient today (i mean, more than usual aaha).


For now, i will try to calm my nervs with some singing & cooking. To stand in the kitchen is actually a good way to listen to old CD that i forgot i had and to give them a new chance.