Breaking it up

I forgot the song of the day in the previous article and you may get this one: “breaking it up” from Lykke Li. It is actually a song that i put randomly on my ipod for the half marathon and i discovered it somewhere when i was feeling happy to run, somewhere at the end of the big upphill km 17,5 it may have been.

I like this song because she seems so fragile even if she sings that she is breaking it up before it’s on. Like someone wise to see that life is done to be lived and not to wait that things would come along like that. But i am a little wondering if it is always the same with feelings. Sometimes it is good to be patient but somehow i have trouble with that. Right now in my life, i am in the middle of something where i need both to take it easy and to accept that things can happen quickly too. And i don’t talk about running  ahah

Anyway, enjoy the song of the day, please:

If you’re going abroad I can’t help you
If you’re crossing the street I might be there
If you give it a minute it’s gone
If you give it a minute it’s wrong
If we’re just waiting a second too long
Darling I’ll leave and you won’t come along
So give me the reason to stay
Give me the reason to wait
You know I don’t look to get caught
‘Cause darling we’re here but my true love is not
I’m breaking it up, before it’s on
Breaking it up, it’s already gone
Breaking it up, I didn’t mean to fraud
Breaking it up
And I call you baby I will and I do
Persuade you in though I know that we’re through
I let you think that I’m yours when I’m not
Keep you here though I’m ready to drop the last line
I’m breaking it up, before it’s on