A nice and intense week in France

I am back on my soffa for the first time since march the 2nd. Since i am getting some more readers with the time, i may explain my whole life, like in a real blog, just for the new people to get to know me ahah so today, i ate breakfast at 6h33, went to work, drank tea ahha no, i will try to save this boring text and tell you instead how wonderfull my time in France was.

I flew there last friday, arrived in Paris in the middle of the spring and was hapy to sweat and to have too warm clothes on me. I sat in a café, tried to read and was waiting for my friend to come back from work. I spent the whole afternoon listening to 2 guys, talking about a book that one of them had written and tried to get published (apparently by the second guy). I also had to make some phone calls in Sweden and it is always very funny to see french people listening to you and wondering which langage you are actually talking. If i have to tell you what i ate, you may then know that i had some wonderfull pâté with some nice white wine. OK, it was against all my principle for the half mara, but whatever i thought.


When my friend arrived, we drank a beer and then, went out to eat in another restaurant. There, we had a
funny discussion with the guys sitting closed to us and we were talking film, wolfes and education. ahha The end of the evening was also very special and i think i will remember it quite a long time.

On saturday, it was a little bit the panic for my friend who forgot to get her medical papper for the half marathon. She luckily got an appointment when i was meeting another friend at the Gare de Lyon. Gare de Lyon is a station where you really feel you will travel to the south if you take a train there. There are palms everywhere. Judge by yourself!


We went then to Chateau de Vincennes to pick up our startnumbers for the half marathon. It was windy but sunny and the pressure was going up for me. Time to get some food again in a very nice little restaurant rue des deux boules, which is a funny street name if you get it in french. We met a nice thing there, say hello to the Sucrier:


We took a very long walk in Paris to the Tour Eiffel and there, we really had to admire the big woman in steel. It is actually a building that impress me. We were not able to go up since they were closing the stairs and no need to say that no one of us wanted to queue for the elevator.

Fichier:Dimensions tour Eiffel.JPG

But now you get some better pictures, taken with my phone though.



This was an happy moment to be french and to visit the feet of the Tour Eiffel like a perfect tourist. I think i did it for the last time in 1992 or so, so it was not really yesterday. Ah, you just get another pic of this beautiful lady, just because you deserve to admire her:


On saturday evening, after our long walk, we stopped in a bar to meet some other friends and then, we ate in a also very nice little restaurant which i don’t remember the name. I remember though that we got all the dishes again when we arrived to the dessert, as if we had to eat a main course again. Plus i drank One liter of San pellegrino.

I already told you yesterday what i made on sunday morning and no need to tell you that the afternoon was kind of non-activity-afternoon like.

On monday morning, it was not time to stay in bed, but to get up, to sit myself in a TGV and travel to my grand mother for the day. We had a very pleasant day together, most of it because it was totally spontaneous. I really love to talk to her, she is one of the best listener i know and whatever the subject, she always has some good advices.


One comment you can make about french TGV is that 1) they are on time 2) they are very long 3) they drive very fast 4) well, isn’t it noraml or was i too long in Sweden already?

The landscapes was also fanstastic during the travel, the only negativ point was that my neighbourgh did smoke just before to get in the train and it was an horrible smell.

After a nice and wonderfull day with my grand mother, i took the train back to Paris and this time, for some finansial reasons, i had to take a normal regional train. It took one more hour but made me see another part of France since we where driving more on the east. You may also notice that the rails are really straight in Amboise!


And that the sun was giving us some lovin’  this monday:


From the station, i directly went to the restaurant, where i met my friends. They were really nice and i even got my bday present, one week too early, but it made me super happy to got some love attention. This is not everyday and their nice words in the card, which was a little special too, make me all sensitive when i think of that now. The bday card was this little book:

We had a very nice evening ( it seems that i write this a lot but even if this week was redundant, it was true and fabulously nice!). The day after, everyone had to get up for work or like me to take the TGV again but this time in the direction of Lyon to meet my parents. If you look good at this picture, you will see the same palm from Gare de Lyon than the one i posted above. This is taken from the under part of a duplex TGV. Like big trains. Me liked.


In Lyon, it was time to eat REALLY good things and to admire the work of the spring with a big walk through the city. For the food, it was a place you have to go if you need to feel how it is to be closed to heaven.


And for the spring, i could put some pictures of flowers, or birds, or girls with short skirts, but instead of that, you will get a bycicle man:


I took the train back to Paris on the evening but honestly, i did not see much of it. I was very too tired to stay awake during the travel, so i just SLEPT. Arrived at my friends place quite late, we had some nice discussion before to sleep.

On wednesday, i was the perfect houswife, but i already told you and in the evening, after some champagne to
celebrate my plan, we went to another friend to eat dinner and laugh a lot.


I had to take me back to Sweden yesterday and honestly, i was wondering how i would feel to meet winter again. It went ok, even if it rained the whole afternoon and that it killed my envy to take a walk to the museum of the fotography in Stockholm. I waited for a friend to eat dinner and went back home pretty late in the evening.


My flat seems now as if it had been WWIII in it and i am so tired that i barely can take myself to my bed, but i have plenty of things to do this week end, so no time to be lazy. I got lucky though because the laundry time will not be at 7 tomorrow morning.

I was on the move the whole week, will be next week too but i sincerely am very and deeply happy. Things happen when you give yourself a chance to achieve something. Take a chance, meeting people who love you and who you love, running until you cannot walk, observing people talking on the phone, having a discussion with a baby, holding a hand and share special moments, maybe it is about that “seeing the big things in the little ones”?