I hate to take a citybus. I always have. This was the reason why i always walked to school, even if it took me like 45 minutes (instead of 15 with the bus). I was invited yesterday evening for a dinner at a good friends home and the thing is that i needed to take the bus there. But i did it! I suceeded in coming in time and in one piece, without been driven all wrong in the town. This was a challenge for me. Plus that i find totally intolerable that it costs 23 kr to take the bus, this is a waaaya too expansive for what it is, plus that it doesn’t give any motivation for people who have cars to change their way of travelling. Well.

The dinner was delicious the company too, i ate for 2 weeks there. I broke 2 promises though: i drank wine and i sent a text after 9PM. For the wine, this is ok, i had already so much calories with the dinner itself, but for the text, it was a little unnecessary.

I staid over there for the night and had a strange dream. I was with my sister, we were working for some fashion people in NY, or at least people from there, but we were working on the country side and 2 horned owls. There was a male and a female and we were trying to figure out who was who. The both of them had 3 colors and we came to the conclusion that it was not like with cats, you know that it’s only catwomen that can had 3 colors, not the males. Anyway, then, my sister and i had to take the train somewhere but the train came 3 minutes earlier than on the timetable so we had to run to catch it. The wagon was very special too: it was roofless and built like a roller coaster. Pretty strange. And i woke up.

Hibou moyen-duc - Asio otus

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After a delicious breakfast, i took the citybus home and it was a waaay more easy this time. Maybe i can go and visit this friend more often now that i won over my fear for this busline.


Baudelaire, les Fleurs du Mal.

Sous les ifs noirs qui les abritent,

Les hiboux se tiennent rangés

Ainsi que des dieux étrangers,

Dardant leur oeil rouge. Ils méditent.

Sans remuer ils se tiendront

Jusqu’à l’heure mélancolique

Où, poussant sous le soleil oblique,

Les ténèbres s´établiront.

Leur attitude au sage enseigne

Qu’il ne faut en ce monde qu’il craigne

Le tumulte et le mouvement;

L’homme ivre d’une ombre qui passe

Porte toujours le châtiment

D’avoir voulu changer de place.


This is crazy. Charles, if you see me from where you are, if you are so good at telling me what to do in my dreams, then tell me more directly what i have to do!!! What is the meaning with my life?

The song of the day has to be about being wise. Old man, look at my life, i’m a lot like you were. Old man, look at my life, twenty four (+4) and there’s so much more live alone in a paradise that makes me think of two. Love lost, such a cost, give me things that don’t get lost. Like a coin that won’t get tossed rolling home to you. Old man, take a look at my life, i’m a lot like you. I need someone to love me the whole day through. Ah, one look in my eyes and you can tell that’s true. I’ve been first and last, look at how the time goes past. But i’m alone at last, rolling home to you.