3 kronor

This could be the swedish hockey team but it’s not. It’s the gift i got from Stadium people when i bought a new “hat” and new running socks since i killed the last i had yesterday at the floorball game. The whole package costed 148 kr and i wanted to pay cash but had 200 kr or 145 kr. The guy told me that it was ok with 145 kr. First time evaaar it happens for me in Sweden! Yeah!

So here you go for the picture of my beautiful new hat and my new socks. This is the first time i buy this brand for the socks, we will see how many miles must we march to make a hole in them.


So today, i got a new friend at the sport shop, i met a running friend there by the way, who tried to explain me the program for tomorrow training: we will have to run 800 m sessions at the same speed we would run a marathon. He told me “you can make a marathon in 4 hours no?” and me “euh, no i won’t ever never run a whole marathon, so i don’t know” and he replied “pfuii” like “little girl…”. It reminded me these words i read in a book for a time ago:

“om du inte tål lite näsblod kanske du borde gå hem och gömma dig under sängen. Det är inte tryggt här. Livet är förunderligt, rikt på gåvor för den som vill få sina önskningar uppfyllda, såväl stora som små. Men det är inget för de skygga.” Peter James

Meaning approx “if you can’t stand some punches then you should go home and hide under your bed. This is not safe here. Life is marvelous, rich with gifts for the one who wants to fullfill his dreams, the biggest like the samllest. but this is nothing for the timid ones.” Same same with the training. If you can’t stand to run a marathon, then stay home under your bed ahha

Then, i went home and had some dishes to do. I hate doing dishes. Well, ok om my scale of things i hate, this is less horrible than to make the laundry but worse than to clean my flat. Anyway, i use to make it with cherring-up music playing loud in the kitchen to give me some motivation. This is a little like Zumba, you can train every muscles and get a very firm butt without feeling the work. Ahahah not really. Or maybe i have too little dishes to do. Anyway. I discovered an old CD i had, giving some energy: Gabriella Cilmi, a little girl from Autralie. Born 1991. Can you imagine that? 1991 and she earns more money than I will ever do in my whole life bu working honestly? These ambitious girls just give me envy to work illegally and deal stuffs, like running socks or so. There is a market there, but no way.

Because i am a little irritated after Gabriella, you will get one of her sad song.

Oh and no, you also get a happy one:


For me tonight, it will be puzzling on the menu. Yeah i need to finish this puzzle, being on my floor since now 2 whole months. Challenge!!