Today, it is monday. And with monday comes the floorball session of the week. I received a really nice compliment after the matches (we won everything):

“you made a very good game today, you were not the worse”

Ahahah I tried to do my best, and i even shoot like 5 goals or so, but missed a lot of others too. I also had to admit that these expansive socks, the special ones to run, that cost like 10 euros the 2 of them, go nuts after one floorball session. So i just threw some away and i have a big toe that did not like the training from today.

But modesty is my middle name. Not. I got today something i worked for but i am not sure i deserve it. I am pretty undecided and hate this state. Some other people in my place would be really happy and i find myself pretty boring who is not knowing what to do, even if i provocated the situation. This is paradoxal. You want something hard, you fight for it and when you got it, you’re not interested anymore. Well, i take no decision tonight. Tonight, i will just switch off all my phones and try to think clear.

It’s really time for me to speed up the plan in a way. I am feeling like i am exploding with all the things i want to do in my life and the clock is just turning around and i am doing NOTHING. This is really frustrating. Even if i did a very good floorball game today. And if i want to make a lot of things, it’s not to escape something (a big hole as my father told me yesterday on the phone). No, it’s not that it’s empty around me, it’s just that i did not build what i wanted yet. Oh i miss J tonight, he would certainly listen to me and then tell me “go to bed, it will be all good tomorrow too”. But i really feel frustrated right now. Well.


Maybe he would carry me like that to a place where i would stop thinking for an evening. Come back J, i need to talk to you!!! Why did your boss allow you to have vacations now?!?!

You like to do it as a child on your own you’re in the jungle and the monkeys take your mind from your home How many times do they have to tell you that it’s perfectly fine for you to dance around naked when you’re all by yourself

It’s that i would like to do. To admit that i am a monkey and dance all around. I like this energetic song from Johnossi “man must dance”. I like Johnossi very much btw. They are life and energy. Well.

To think of other things, i need to think out a gift for the one who will win the competition “5 differences”.
For the moment, there is only one participation, but it is not too late to participate. The competition will take an end on friday evening. So it lets me a little time to find a gift. I will try to present the gift before friday. You may write in french, english, swedish, german and for the other langages, i will use google translate, so just write something

The song of the day, you will get a Johnossi’s one. What’s the point. Yeah, what’s the point?


Where do we go when we go from here

Feels like a circle around me while I wait for more

Know that I wanna know where I follow you

Don’t wanna go down the street where you once came from

And I wanna know

What’s the point of doing anything

If you’ll never notice I would sit and wait for you again

A line of boxes in an open field

There’s a million empty and there’s one for real

Do you want me to go search in each all of them

Or just lay on the grass and act and pretend

That’s what I wanna know

Then you came to me and you said

I was not really sure enough how to feel

I pretend like you’re not real