I need to sort out my thoughts. Actually, i would like to pack my bags and go in the woods and think there a little. But i have quite a lot of meetings booked this week, and the next week and the week after, well i am booked at least for the 2 coming months. If you ask me what i will do june the 14th, i can exactly tell you. And this is boring. I need fresh air. Well, with the weather we have now, it is just about to open the window 5 seconds and then i will be back on track!

Then, you will get another Johnossi’s song, just because it was their evening:

The most beautiful girl,
you´d think she´d have the right to choose
But I know this one
she´s scared, just so afraid to loose

If you ever would come to my house
at the end of the old mountain road
you´ll be on top of the world
Happiness a la mode
Oh you will

You said once you could feel
your heart jump out of your chest
but that was years ago
now you´re torn, wounded, a mess.

That´s the way it goes
that´s the sound of your feeling inside
a lonely girl, a lonely verse
let this be your light