Good morning dear readers!

I have awake since 7h56 this morning and i woke up to watch the temperature and went to bed back immediatly. You don’t need to understand norvegian to understand by yourself:


So i have been listening to the radio and a very good program about pardon. It was interesting to listen to different exampels they gave and to reflect about my own situation: did i beg pardon to the people i hurt around me? If yes, did i do it for me or for them? did i try to make it good then, or was it just for me to be in peace with myself? I staid in bed, thinking of that for a

I also had a dream about blondinbella. I am obsessed with this girl and this is not good. Last night, she was taking me to a party and i was sleeping in the room of one of her friends. The room was in a big appartment, with like 40 rooms like that that looked more like slum in Mexico than appartment for rich kids. The, i had to run along the motorway between Sweden and Danmark, i think i made a mix with the broloppet that i ran last summer…


OK, i ate breakfast, i watched “mitt liv som hellner”, i don’t want to clean my flat, i need to take a long pass (Paris is coming very soon…) but i am not sure if i will give a run outside a try or if i take the direction of the gym at work and will bicycle 2 hours there? mmm, i give me 15 min of reflexion and then, i do something.