Being efficient, even on week ends

I moved mountains today. Among others since last post, i:

  •  took a nice and warm shower
  • cooked me a nice lunch
  • put some things on sale on the swedish local ebay
  • did the dishes
  • cleaned my flat
  • sold my guitarr (46 min after it was announced on “ebay”)
  • was nostalgic about my horse
  • did fix all my debts
  • did remind someone who had a debt to me (i don’t like to remind people of that, awkward me thinks)
  • tried to fix a week end in France but renounced and talked to the people who were offering me the flight and we will make it in another way, things being a little complicated because of my plan.
  • got a nice phone call from my french friend from Strängnäs. this is always lovely when people think of you and remember that you had some important things going on and ask about them
  • read some chapter from the book which is taking my attention right now
  • learnt that the manneken Pis in Bryssel may be a fake one, the right one being hidden…