Sleep, sun and saturday

This is a very good combination. I slept my 13 hours last night, had pretty cool dreams (will talk about that) and feel like a whole new week end full of possibilities is beginning. And yes, it IS!

I had a pretty crazy dream last night, mostly about mountains and photography. My parents had bought a big house and renovated it, and the roof was mervellous, all black tiles and the house was passing very good in the lansdcape. The landscape was made of very abrupt and high mountains, with a loooooot of trees. I was holding my camera and making pictures of the sun and the sun was changing its light pretty quick, from yellow to orange and then red and then yellow again. It made really nice pictures. And suddently, i was meeting people from my work and explaining them that the big project i am currently working on is going all nuts and they were beginning to cry, i was totally cold. Then a lot of people who study with me in France arrived and were asking me how i managed to learn swedish and stuff while they were stucked with kids and house in France. I also met a guy that is now the right hand of the transport minister in Morocco who asked me how they
had to do to avoid a revolution. This was pretty weird because this guy looked 20 years younger in my dreams than what he was looking last time i met him in real life. Then, i was photografing Los Angeles, which could be seen from theses moutains.

I don’t know how i have to transcript this dream but it was a cool one. I felt all easy going with my camera and it is always cool when someone asks you for advices, even if i did not have any answer…

I got a pretty cool link this morning on FB: a AC for Chinchillas. You know, i told you about Chichille earlier. This is
the happiest creature in the world. Maybe except summer when the temperatures are getting high. This AC system is a little strange though. Chinchillas lives in the desert in their natural environment, so i doubt it would be usefull, south of france, specially the kitchen of my parents is not that warm during the summer, but why not…

I already watched Skavlan, did cry (again!) while watching it and ate a nice breakfast. I have 1548941 of things to do this week end and among other, 2 decisions to take: 1) will i renew the floor in my flat next week end and 2) when will i travel to France to meet my god daughter.

For now, i will finish the nutella with a spoon and take my shower. Soon it is time to go to the year meeting with my running club. Have a nice saturday!

Ah, i almost forgot the song of the day, sorry!!! For today, you got “a horse is not a home”, a little up beat tempo and lyrics that symbolise pretty well what i am feeling now: the will to escape and change something really hard in my life, because a horse is not a home. Enjoy the song!