one month of 2011 has gone

and i gave away half of my staruday sleeping… I needed it after a week fool/full of work.

Yesterday was a funny day though, when i went around at the office wearing my France tee shirt, and screaming at everyone willing to hear me that France would beat Sweden at handboll during the evening. That’s what we did (yeah, i am french, i think i always will be, even if we loose on sunday). I went in a sportbar with some friends to watch the game and i can tell.

I need to take a long run this week end and i wonder if i shouldn’t have done it today. It was some plus degrees and i am a little afraid that it will freeze during the night and be ice tomorrow morning. I can’t jump over a long pass now. In 35 days, i will have to survive. I really need to take long passes until then…

I was not very disciplined yesterday evening and sent like 6 sms after 21. But it was cultural. I learnt about a guy called Tegner, who was almost born 200 years before me and lived 90 years… Not bad at this time… But he also described Swedish as the langage of the honnor and the heroes. I think he may also have tested my 3B theory to learn langage and got a typical “no” from a girl in Danmark because he seemed to not like danish. aahaha

Today, i went into town and drank a white chocolate with a friend. Don’t think that i just want to tell everything of my life, but this with white chocolate is a little special. There is a place in Stockholm, in gamla stan, where you can drink mervellous good white chocolate. A tips is to order a little one because i personally get disgusted after some dips. But anyway, we went to a coffee today, where there also was some white chocolate. I ordered one and got all dissapointed when i saw that they take some mixture from a bottle and then some warm milk and it’s done. I wnated to hope that there was some secret behind the white chocolate… It was anyway cool to talk even if we got into one subject that made me a little sad. To confort me, i went to a bookshop and bought me reading for tonight. I just feel like i would like to move into the woods tonight and just eat something good, drink a good glas of wine, watch some nice fire and go to bed with someone taking me in his arms strongly.

Instead of that, it will be alcoholfree evening, some good food too though and some readings and a lot of sleep. I don’t feel for anything today. Not even saving my palmer, dying since 2 months.

Have a nice evening people, and keep on reading on it, it motivates me to write.