5h00. this is a good time to wake up. I did it today, thought about the dream i just had and staid in bed one hour, with a perfect micro-sleep between 6h45 and 6h55 when the priest is talking at the swedish radio. I am still wondering why the public radio is playing this kind of religious talks. Well.

I went to work, worked like a beast and thought i would be efficient if i would jump over the afternoon coffee. The result was that my eyes exploded because of watching the screen all the time and i got an headache. Successfull! But the day was a lot better than yesterday, maybe because i gave everything at the training yesterday. I got a lot of good advices for one thing at work and i really appreciate that everyone is helping that much.

Then, i did some shopping, which never happens, but after having been in like 10 shops, i finally found something.

But tonight begins the filmclub again, yeah! I wish i won’t fall asleep during the film, but i am looking forward it :) the program for this spring seems fascinating anyway.

Oh, and i think i found a new favo album. I received 2 CDs from Feith the other day and “the reminder” is
really good.